Neutrino Quiz

Peter B. Denton

  1. Solar neutrinos at night:
    Are more neutrinos detected from the Sun during the day or during the night?

  2. Solar neutrino flavor ratios:
    For electron neutrinos from the Sun, the flavor ratio at the Earth is close to 1:1:1. What is the expected flavor ratio for muon neutrinos produced in the Sun?

  3. Distance to point of neutrino last scattering:
    The comoving distance to the photon surface of last scattering is O(10) Gpc. Is the surface of last scattering for neutrinos closer or farther?

  4. Possible solar measurements:
    SNO measured a CC to NC ratio of ~1/3 of solar neutrinos. KamLAND's measurement of reactor neutrinos confirmed the measurement of solar neutrinos by SNO and others. Given KamLAND's measurement, what other values if any could SNO have measured?